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Coach Lauren

Needing extra motivation to get in shape, my friend convinced me to sign up for a super-sprint triathlon. I instantly fell in love. Over two years I went from not being able to run a full lap on the track to becoming an Ironman. As my races became more challenging, I realized I needed the guidance of a coach.  Hiring a coach was the best decision I made in my athletic career. Through proper training, I cut 23 minutes off my half marathon time that next year. I then placed top 10 AG in a 70.3 and crossed my first Ironman finish line several months later.


Throughout my athletic career, I have celebrated many happy moments and great races along with the struggle that can accompany the sport, including injury. On my journey, I had a hunger for learning all aspects of the endurance athlete’s life. As I coach, I come from a background that understands the hard work and dedication it takes to reach goals and how to handle life when it throws you a curve-ball.


At Happy Pace Coaching, it’s about supporting each other, our goals and our challenges. Happy Pace Coaching encompasses everything I believe in: Growing fitness while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. My goal is to have my athletes maintain that balance while growing their love and passion for their sport.

Running, Runner, Death Valley, Salt Flats


At Happy Pace Coaching, we believe the journey is as important as the destination. Everyone’s journey has a different starting point with a different end goal. My job is to help you find your unique happy pace to reach your goals and become the best possible version of yourself.


I specialize in one-on-one training for multi-sport athletes, single-sport athletes, and people with general fitness goals. Whether you’re an experienced long distance triathlete looking for a PR, a first time 5K racer or a postpartum mom looking to get back in shape, you have a home at Happy Pace Coaching.

Why Happy Pace Coaching?


Individualized training plans  based on your fitness, lifestyle and goals.


Regular feedback and communication between coach and athlete.


Schedule adjustments based on life’s unplanned events such as being sick or work demands.


Training plans created to build fitness effectively while maintaining the balance between pushing yourself and not risking injury or burnout.


Focus on the most critical metrics that impact performance (pace, heart rate, power, nutrition, sleep, menstrual cycle, etc) to ensure you are getting the most out of your training.


A coach that plays a vital role in your athletic life, providing physical, mental and emotional support, in and out of training.


Join a team that supports each other, celebrates your accomplishments and lifts you up when life gets tough.


USAT Certified Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a deep thirst for knowledge. Continuing education through courses, books, research, etc.


BS in Engineering that promotes data analysis, critical thinking and problem solving.


A plant based athlete with racing experience ranging from a 5K to an Ironman.

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