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Half Marathon Finishers
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“I signed up for a half marathon with only one month to train, and quickly realized I needed help.  Coach Lauren was that help.  Her methodically laid out training plan took me from regular “bro weightlifter” to a half marathon finisher!  The most important part is that she modified and adapted my training as often as needed to keep me healthy and injury free through the training process.  I caught the racing bug and signed up for more races, hitting a lifetime PR for the half.  Lauren’s guidance and training propelled me to a fitness level that I would have never reached training on my own.”

Half Marathon Finisher Greece


“Lauren is an amazing fitness coach as well as a great person. She helped me solidify my fitness and lifestyle goals and worked with me to obtain them. I wanted to compete in triathlons and half-marathons and Lauren was strategic with creating a plan to work on both my strengths and weaknesses in both events. She created a plan to fit training into my hectic schedule and made sure it would work for me. She was so encouraging and really motivated me even on those tough weeks! Fitness is a passion for Lauren and it’s evident by her knowledge, wisdom, and personal accomplishments. I’d highly recommend Lauren for anyone who would like to make strides in their fitness goals!”


“Lauren's coaching was instrumental in helping me meet my goal of running my third half marathon, my first on extremely hilly terrain. Lauren worked with me to create a customized training plan based on the amount of time I could realistically commit in order to meet my goals. She was always available to answer questions. Personally, I really appreciated her data-driven approach and analytical mindset, actively managing my regimen based on my progress. Lauren motivated me, held me accountable and pushed me when I needed it. She made my goals her own and, thanks to her passion and expertise, made them a reality. Can't wait to train with her again!”

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